1- Doc Alimohammadian:

     -  Preparation of Leishmanin reagent

   - GeneBank Submissions:

    In NCBI, NIH: Six new genes for Leishmania species by following accession:


AY079097 : Leishmania major class I nuclease gene

AY487805 : Leishmania donovani, class I nuclease mRNA

AY283793Leishmania major strain MHOM/Ir/02/PIIDT1

AY260965Leishmania major strain MHOM/Ir/02/PIICC1

AY550178Leishmania major strain MHOM/Ir/00/PII1

AY573187Leishmania major strain MHOM/Ir/00/PII2


2- Doc Niknam:

 Six new genes for GeneBank Submissionsby following accession:

- GQ850521.1

- GQ444144.1

- GQ471900.1

- GQ913688.1

- HM004585.1

- HM004586.1


3- Khalili:

 1. Stabilizer for HRP conjugate antibody.

2. Stabilizer for immunoassay medium (plate, tub etc….

3. Stabilizer for all immunoassay chromogen substrate

4. Standard stabilizer for hormone Calibrators and peptide  immunoassay

5. Ready to use Chromogen and Substrate for Western blotting and DNA Analysis with TMB.